Amazon Finds: Winter 2021

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Although our financial guy won't be thrilled, I'm back with another list of my top Amazon buys - Haha! You can check out my post from the summer HERE.

{1} Yeti Mug - Like many other brands, I never want to believe the hype surrounding them. Well, here I am again falling on the sword because I am obsessed with these mugs! The larger 20oz tumbler is a fave for water, and the 14oz handle mug (SNAG IT NOW FOR $18-22, depending on color) is ideal for tea or coffee. Both have become essentials with pregnancy brain being a very real thing, but anyone would love them. For that reason, they truly make amazing gifts. 

{2} Rug Grips - You know you're an adult when something like this brings you joy. We've struggled to keep our kitchen runner in place for MONTHS, but these $12 miracle workers changed that in a matter of minutes. Neither my husband's heavy step nor my crazy dog's zoomies have moved it, and that's saying something. Highly, highly recommend! We'll for sure be ordering more. You can get either a 4-pack or 8-pack, but in hindsight, the 8-pack is a much better value. 

{3} Water Bottle Cabinet Organizer - I'm a sucker for clear, acrylic organizers, but stopped myself from buying these water bottle organizers time and time again. I really don't know what took me so long, but I was just hesitant. Did we really need them? Would they make a substantial difference for us? Answer: YES and YES. I wish I took before and after pictures because I was honestly floored. Now, these may not fit perfectly in every cabinet, so I recommend measuring before ordering. I initially got the 4-pack, and have now ordered an additional 2-pack to complete the system. Maybe it's my nesting phase kicking into high gear, but I think we can all find great peace in an organized space. 

{4} Faux Leather Placemats - Talk about a dupe! William-Sonoma sells nearly identical placemats for $25 a piece. I love the look of these placemats, but more importantly, how easy they are to clean. For a while, we were using round placemats and I just felt like they weren't cutting it with the crumbs. They were basically too small for our plates, resulting in a constant state of countertop mess. I'm actually thinking of ordering the white set next for a lighter, brighter look for Spring.

{5} Essence Mascara - To round out my picks, I'm changing categories and switching to beauty. I'll be honest, I rarely, if ever, recommend cosmetics from Amazon because there are so many counterfeit products out there. Essence is a drugstore brand that sells directly through Amazon, so I feel more comfortable purchasing, which is why I'm sharing it with to you. So, this mascara is $5! Yes, you read that correctly. It's amazing for the price. It's not an exact dupe for my beloved iTCosmetics Superhero mascara, but it's pretty damn close. My only compliant is that it transfers when I apply it to my lower lashes; otherwise, it's my go-to work-from-home mascara. 

Bonus buys for all my soon-to-be mamas! I personally cannot live without these products, and I know I'll love them just as much once the baby comes. For more pregnancy content, click HERE and HERE.

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