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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Joggers | Tank Top | Cardigan

It still amazes me how quickly time is flying, especially when the world feels like it's standing still, but here we are. I'm nearing my third trimester and this sweet little babe is going to make her debut before we know it. Since so many of you requested that I share our registry picks and my most loved items during this stage of pregnancy, I wanted to get this post up sooner rather than later. There are lots of babies coming in Spring/Summer 2021 apparently! 


For ease of reference, here's the direct link to our registry: I opted to utilize Babylist to consolidate our selections because it seemed like the most straightforward. Unlike a wedding registry, there are a ton of sites and stores to gather items from, so this worked best for us. I also loved how you could add notes for your friends and family, and there were multiple store options automatically listed, to ensure no one overpays for anything. 

In terms of big ticket items, we decided on the following: 

Nuna Pipa Lite Car Seat & Triv Stroller: When it came to the whole car seat/stroller system thing, I won't lie, I was incredibly overwhelmed. I watched a ton of YouTube reviews from a variety of different sources, and ultimately found that the Nuna brand offered the best options for a petite mom. Believe it or not, that is something to consider when you're buying baby gear. The Pipa Lite car seat and Triv stroller are the lightest on the market today; therefore, making both easily transferable from the backseat and trunk, respectively. I should note that although light, safety was in no way compromised. That was incredibly important to us, for obvious reasons. 

While the Triv stroller doesn't allow for a second seat, should we have another baby in the near future, it does come with a conversion ring that allows the car seat to snap right into the base, which will be perfect for those early months. The main stroller seat is also suitable from newborn to 40+ pounds, so the system should serve us well for the foreseeable future. If and when we have another baby, we'll deal with the double stroller/mutli-kid transportation conundrum. Another plus, the Nuna line is beautiful, in my opinion, with aesthetically pleasing color variations that would fit any family's needs. We opted for the Birch car seat and Frost stroller to keep things gender neutral yet chic. 

Owlet Sleep Sock & Monitor (not included on registry because we got it on deep discount via We were undecided on whether to go with the Owlet or Nanit for a few weeks, but ultimately chose the Owlet because the (i) camera did not require a stationary stick above the crib and (ii) the sock seemed like the easiest and most flexible way to monitor the baby. The Nanit also required additional bands/sleep sacks to track the baby's sleep and stats, and honestly, the Costco bundle was so incredibly priced for all it came with, we couldn't pass it up.

Peg Perego Siesta High Chair: This high chair was actually a popular recommendation by all of you! Our overall goal with most of our selections were to invest in quality items that could be used for years to come and, if possible, were usable throughout the different baby stages. The Siesta looks a bit more like a traditional high chair than I wanted, because of the multitude of ways it can be adapted in height and recline, it really does grows with baby from infancy to toddlerhood. To make floor cleanup easy, I also registered for a Gathre mat

Snoo Bassinet (not included on registry because my mom graciously gifted it to us): Next to the car seat/stroller situation, this was our most hotly debated topic. There are extreme options about the Snoo - either you love it or you hate it. We arrived at our decision after I listened to the "Happiest Baby on the Block" audiobook, written by the inventor of the Snoo. Personally, before you even consider this bassinet, I think you need to see if you and your partner align with Dr. Karp's principles. My husband and I were agreeable to most of his positions, so we pulled the trigger, because candidly, sleep (not cash) is king when it comes to surviving life with a newborn. Also, my husband is a frontline worker and cannot be performing procedures on patients if he's only had 2 hours of sleep. We needed to set ourselves up for as much success as possible. Yes, it's expensive, but you can always rent it, if you're on the fence. We didn't feel comfortable doing this during COVID, and wanted to have this for future children, so that's why we wanted to buy it. 

Second Trimester Recap & Recommendations

As I'm sure you've heard, the second trimester is deemed the "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy because MOST women feel great. This trimester just brought new symptoms, like leg cramps, back pain and insomnia, while nausea and vomiting did subside. On a positive note, I've been feeling well enough to exercise a few days a week, which really has made all the difference for me mentally. Although not many will say this, it is difficult as a woman to watch your body drastically change over a few short months. Those changes are for an incredible purpose, and are clearly outside of one's control, but can be a challenge to handle nonetheless. If you're struggling, my advice is to start moving, no matter what it is - a walk, prenatal yoga, etc. - just move when you can. 

In terms of routines, not much has changed from my first trimester (you can read all about my recap and top recommendations HERE) because those products have proven to be amazing throughout this part of pregnancy as well; however, I have added a few new items with second trimester-related body changes and hormonal shifts. 

Maternity/Nursing PJs: Here's a fun fact - By your second trimester, nothing feels comfortable because your all pre-pregnancy stuff just too tight - Enter these amazing maternity/nursing PJs from Amazon. I absolutely love these because they're sleek enough to wear working from home throughout the day, but are soft and cool enough to sleep all night in. 

Maternity Tank Tops: My daily OOTD these days consist of either yoga pants or joggers, a tank top and a Barefoot Dreams cardigan (pictured above!). The biggest challenge, however, was finding tanks I could wear all day long with an ever-growing belly. Thankfully, Target knows what's up when it comes to inexpensive, but amazing, maternity clothes. These are 2 for $18 ($9.99 each) and wash beautifully. Be sure to order your pre-pregnancy size. When the tank arrives, it may look smaller than you expect, but I've found them to be like magic tops and they'll adjust effortlessly to your appropriate size. 

Maternity Underwear: I never thought I'd discuss underwear so publicly, but believe me when I say, THESE ARE LIFE CHANGING. They cover the bum, sit at the perfect spot below the belly, stay in place (yes, that's a problem with other maternity undies) and don't shrink in the wash. Just order them and give them a try for yourself. I promise, you won't be disappointed. 

8Sheep Organics Magnesium Lotion: As I noted, this trimester brought all sorts of pains, in addition to an unexpected, immense lack of sleep. My pregnancy pillow is still an amazing addition to our bed, but I was desperate after several weeks of waking 7-10 times a night. This brand of lotion kept popping up in my Facebook and Instagram ads, so I was super skeptical, BUT I've been happily surprised with my results so far. The primary ingredient that helps reduce pain and induce sleep is magnesium, so I would recommend checking with your doctor before ordering. From my own research and doctor confirmation, it's perfectly safe since its a low dose, topical application. I like to rub this on my feet, lower back and calves before bed, and have been able to reduce waking to 2-4 times a night. Woo hoo!!!  

Beyond Yoga Joggers: If you've been following along since my pregnancy started, you know the only pants I'll wear are by Beyond Yoga because of how incredibly soft yet supportive they are. Again, I love a multi-purpose product. The maternity line is named "Beyond the Bump" since the products are meant to also be worn postpartum, which helps justify the price, in my mind. When I saw they came out with maternity joggers, you know I had to click "add to cart" ASAP. I've worn these almost every day since they arrived mid-December, if you need any more of a testimonial...and yes, I've washed them multiple times already and they've held up great, haha! NOTE: All my yoga/loungewear clothes have a tendency to pill because my thighs rub together. It does not change my opinion of the quality and I simply use a fabric shaver after washing to bring any rough spots back to life. THIS is my fave shaver from Amazon (around $12). 

Beekman 1802 Deodorant: I've been using this natural deodorant since the start of the pandemic. Don't ask me why I switched at that particular time, but Native just wasn't cutting anymore it at that point. Maybe the stress sweat was too intense given the global crisis? Needless to say, this is the only one I'll ever use, and with a ton of hormonal changes, I've found myself still smelling fresh as a daisy. My husband even uses it now. It's that effective, yet safe! 

Laniege Vanilla Lip Mask: Although another oldie but goodie, pregnancy makes you incredibly dehydrated. Even after consuming almost 100oz of water a day, my lips were still chapped by the end of the night. I put this on before bed and like to reapply throughout the day. The original berry and vanilla are pregnancy-safe, but I can only speak to those. If neither of them float your boat, you'll have to do a bit more digging to confirm acceptability. 

Maternity/Nursing Bra: I've tried a TON of bras at all price points over the last few weeks (Amazon, Nordstrom, etc.) and this is the only one I've liked! Again, Target just seems to know something about maternity that the other stores don't. This one also has the versatility of being meant for nursing, so it's versatile and can be worn postpartum. I took a small, but may try a medium next time, since I'm already on the last hook. In my opinion, this bra is one of the only ones that offers both comfort and support. 

Beb Organic Soothing Serum: Safe for mom and baby, this serum has helped to reduce my hormonal acne when my face is inflamed. It doesn't cause clogged pores and has only clean ingredients. I've been using it sparingly, so they'll be product left for our sweet girl, but it's quickly become a staple in my maternity skincare routine. You can check out this Instagram post for more information and a promo code! 

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I know it was a long one, but my goal was to be as comprehensive and helpful as possible. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, and be sure to follow me on Instagram (@thesassysuburbs) for your daily dose of sass!

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