Top 10 Amazon Buys: Summer 2020

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Quarantine's catch phase should be "Wine & Amazon Prime" because, let's face facts, that's been the only upside to 2020. With that, like many of you, I've done quite a bit of exploring/shopping during the pandemic on everyone's favorite site. Last year I shared my first post about top Amazon buys, so I figured this was the perfect time to do it again! 

{1} Mora Ceramics Mug (gifted): This fabulous mug keeps your coffee nice and warm for up to an hour, thanks to its classic ceramic design. It's dishwasher safe, which I absolutely love, and to round out the trifecta, I'm obsessed with the modern, white speckled option; however, if you'd prefer a little color, they have lots available. Mora, which means to "take pause" in Latin, is a small business, so be sure to follow them on Instagram and feel free to reach out to Alix, the co-owner, with any questions. 

{2} Criss-Cross Indoor/Outdoor Slippers: These beauts are all over social media, so with the stay-at-home order in place, I finally pulled the trigger. To my pleasant surprise, I absolutely love them! My husband, on the other hand, thought I looked like an old biddie, so one of my blog friends nicknamed me/them "Gertie"...Now, going off of that, the little Italian woman in me has to is important to note that these are slippers, not shoes. They're great for knocking around the house, but they are not super tight on the upper part of the foot, especially if you're petite, so make sure to change into sneakers in you're going on a step stool or ladder (I speak from personal experience haha).

{3} Laundry Room Lint Bin: This novel item has come in so handy! It's got magnetic backing so it attaches to either your washer or dryer for easy convenience. You could, in theory, use it to hold whatever you'd like, but I've found it life-changing on those long laundry days (e.g. lint balls out the wazoo). 

{4} Glass Nail Files: Whether you're heading back to the salon, doing regular manis are home or you've ventured into DIY dip powder nails like me, you need these nail files. They are truly like no other. The glass helps to close the nail's outer edge when filing, which lessens the likelihood of breakage. I've found them to be a total lifesaver during the pandemic. 

{5} Magnetic Garage Door Hinges: So, truth be told, I was hesitant to buy these things. Were they going to look gimmicky? Was I making the house looked older than it was? No and no - I was totally wrong about them! So many newer homes have gorgeous, detailed garage doors, which can come at a hefty price tag. The exterior of our home is very nice, don't get me wrong, but its definitely a bit dated (it was built in 1999), so the extra detail added a modern touch and made it look as if we put in new doors entirely...for under $25.

{6} Stove Guard: If you've been a follower since last year, you know we went through a hellish kitchen reno, so when it came to protecting our investment, I was paranoid Patty. Enter: Stove Guard...a nifty plastic cover that's cut to match your range's make and model. The custom cuts make for a perfect fit, which is the main reason this works so well. While not on Prime, it's a worthwhile buy because it's kept cleanup to a minimum. I simply wipe mine down after each use and rinse in the sink when it needs a deep clean. 

{7} Petite-Friendly Maxi Dress: I'll be honest, I've never really been one to buy clothes on Amazon. I learned many, many years ago to seek a bargain but try to ensure some level of quality. This dress has been a total win for me. Although I *technically* ordered it last year, it's become a quarantine staple with it's effortless, great-fitting ways. Highly, highly recommend for anyone closer to 5'0, like myself. 

shop this entire look here // click here for necklace

{8} Pillow Covers: Being stuck (I mean, safe) at home for months on end can really start to wear on your opinion of your home. One day, you wake up and everything just looks like crap, so then you want to re-decorate the entire house. With old faithfuls, like Home Goods, closed, I turned to Amazon to snag a few new pillow covers to give my couches a refresh. I've been very impressed with the quality and pricing of the covers! 

{9} Ahmad Teas: I'm a sucker for a good holiday gift basket, so when my office received a bougie basket from one of our centers of influence this past December, I quickly snagged the fancy box of teas. First, I LOVE tea...all types of teas, for that matter...and actually only started really drinking coffee about 4-5 years ago when I was in law school. Second, I knew it would go to waste, as so many of those random basket items do. I'm thrilled I did because I discovered this AMAZING tea brand, which thankfully, is available on Amazon with every variety imaginable. My top 2 choices would be English Tea No. 1 and Earl Gray. Delish! 

Featured on my IG stories April 2020

{10} Acrylic Makeup Drawers: During the first few weeks of quarantine, I was cleaning house like a mad woman. Once I dialed back my makeup collection, I still realized how much stuff I had...hello, 9000 variations of nude-pink lipstick. This drawer was the perfect addition to my extra large, multi drawer organizer because it took up far less real estate and gave me the ability to put my mirror on top of it, while still having ample storage. The drawers are described as stackable, although I have not done that, but it is an option if you're looking to "build your own" acrylic set.


  1. Great Amazon finds! You need to make a tshirt with the wine and amazon prime on it! I bet you'd sell hundreds! LOL!

    1. So happy you liked it! Love t-shirt idea - I think I'll have to look into that :)

  2. Love this post!! Getting that tea organizer now!! :)

  3. Love this post!! Getting that tea organizer now!! :)

    1. Thank you so, so much! You're going to absolutely adore it. Enjoy!!

  4. Amazon gets me in so much trouble and even more since being in quarantine! LOL
    I have those slippers in grey and they are so comfy, love all of your picks!

  5. love the content of this blog and the positive intent you have. Thanks!

  6. You are looking gorgeous in sweater shirt.


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