Hearty & Delicious 20-Minute Weeknight Dinner | Ground Turkey Orecchiette

Wednesday, September 30, 2020


I'm pretty sure this is the first recipe I've shared on here, mainly because we had a makeshift kitchen for over a year, but I'm thrilled to be posting now. An overwhelming majority of you on Instagram voted for recipes, so here goes nothing!

I stumbled upon a similar ground turkey recipe while browsing Pinterest during quarantine; however, there were some ingredients that I didn't have and some that we just weren't crazy about. Well, necessity is the mother of invention, right? I ended up making my own variation and it's quickly become a favorite of my hubby. Plus, it's an incredibly easy, weeknight staple. To me, it's the perfect go-to when you're not sure what to make...particularly on a cool, fall night. Hope you enjoy it! Be sure to message me if you give it a try. 


1 box of Orecchiette pasta 
1 package of organic, ground turkey 
1 cup of preferred milk (we use Lactaid, since we're lactose-intolerant, and it's comes out great!)
3/4 of a jar of Rao's Homemade Sauce (it's the ONLY jar sauce I will use)
Pinch of Basil and Spices (I love TJ's Every Day Seasoning)


1) Bring water to a boil and add Orecchiette to pot 

2) Add olive oil and ground turkey to pan

3) Cook turkey until almost fully browned 

4) Add sauce to ground turkey 

5) Slowly pour in milk and add basil and spices

6) Cover ground turkey and allow to simmer for 5 minutes

7) While ground turkey/sauce simmers, drain cooked pasta and set aside

8) Add pasta to ground turkey/sauce 

9) Mix thoroughly and mangia!

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