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Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Want to know a secret?

I only wash my hair once, maybe twice, a week...and that's all thanks to dry shampoo. It's been life-changing because not only do I save a ton of time, but I can style my hair is many different ways, without feeling like my hair is a greasy mess by day 2!

Here's the low down on how to achieve the same results, and what products I use!

First, you want to apply your dry shampoo at night. I know that may sound odd, but it gives the product time to work for several hours, as opposed to a few minutes.

Second, if you have time, use your blow dryer to heat the dry shampoo a bit. My fabulous hair stylist, Mary (be sure to follow @manetechniques & @mary.t.techniques!), told me about this tip, and it has been a total game changer.

Third, use the right brush. I have a designated dry shampoo/product brush. You want something with bristles because it works the product evenly throughout the hair. I personally use this one by Wet Brush. It's amazing for anyone with extensions, by the way.

In terms of product, I have 3 go-to dry shampoos. I've tried everything on the market, from high end to drug store, and these are what work best for me. For reference, my hair is dark brown (almost black) and is very fine, even with hand-tied hair extension in.

Best All Around/For Everyone 
Living Proof Dry Shampoo
If I could, I'd buy this product by the gallon. Heck, I ordered the largest size available during the recent Sephora sale and have several travel sizes, so I'm never without it. The Living Proof dry shampoo actually cleans the hair, which is amazing to me. I use this several times a week to keep my hair looking and feeling freshly washed. With that, I'm also able to use this the day after a wash for a little bit of texture, without the weigh down, for a more voluminous, styled look.

Best for Extra Oily Hair/Thicker Hair
R + Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo
In my personal experience, R + Co products have been a hit or miss...Their Death Valley dry shampoo, however, is definitely a hit. I use this on the days when there is no turning back, e.g. my roots are super shiny for excess oil production. I've also used this when I've had product build up or shampoo/conditioner was not sufficiently washed out. If you have thicker hair, this will be your new best friend!
For transparency, R + Co did send me this to try, so a big thanks to them for supporting The Sassy Suburbs.

Best Bang for Your Buck/Most Accessible
Kristen Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo 
Available at Target, this dry shampoo boasts all the guts and glory for a fraction of the cost! It's got an amazing scent and does deliver for most; however, if you have darker hair, you really need to work this product into your roots. I've found slight white residue when applied directly to the top of my head. For that reason, I generally only apply it to the under layers of my crown area, or on days when my hair is still relatively clean and I just need a refresh (as the name implies).

Feel free to email or DM me on Instagram with any questions!

Lauren xo 


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