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Thursday, March 19, 2020


If you're an avid Instagram follower, you already know that I've been doing my own dip manicure at home since November. I wrote all about my favorite nail technique here over a year ago, and so many of you have come to love dipping just as much. With work schedules becoming more demanding and other priorities taking precedence, I was sick of losing an entire day of my weekend and a ton of money to get my nails done...then I saw an advertisement for Revel Nails...an at-home dip powder kit! Honestly, I was hesitant but it was cheaper than a single nail appointment, so I figured "why, not?" The worst that could happen would be that it didn't work and now I have my own personal powders to bring to the salon. Win-win.

After many months of honing my skills, I'm pleased to share that I'm addicted to my DIY dip. In light of all that's currently going on, I want to encourage you all keep up that social distancing by avoiding the nail salon. Order your starter kit and give it a try - I think you'll adore it, too!

Here's my step-by-step guide* for a successful dip mani in the comfort of your own home:

{1} Wash your hands and dry completely;
{2} Apply an adhesive nail sanitizer to the nail;
{3} Let dry completely;
{4} Apply one light coat of OPI's Nail Envy;
{5} Let dry completely;
{6} With a nail art dotting tool, apply a few dots of UNT Peel Base to each nail, avoiding the edges. This step is very important, if you want to avoid the need to soak-off the product. The Peel Base will cause your mani to essentially pop off within 5-7 days. My nails are so much stronger and healthier because of this!
{7} Let dry completely (wait at least 5-10 minutes);
{8} Apply a thin layer of Base to a nail, not getting too close to the nail bed;
{9} Dip your nail into the powder in a scooping motion (click here for Revel's instructions video);
{10} Repeat on each finger for a total of 3 color dips;
{11} Apply Sealer/Activator all over the newly dipped nail, making sure to cap the free edge;
{12} Let dry for at least 2-5 minutes;
{13} With a high grit curved nail file and buffing block, smooth the surface of the dipped nail. Be sure to go back and check for any lumps or bumps before moving on the the next step. Keep buffing until the desired shape and smoothness is achieved;
{14} Wash your hands without using soap;
{15} Dry your hands completely with a lint-free cloth or paper towel;
{16} Apply another coat of Sealer/Activator, covering the free edge;
{17} Let dry completely (wait at least 5-10 minutes);
{18} Apply one light, quick layer of Top Coat;
{19} Let dry completely (wait at least 5-10 minutes);
{20} Apply one final, detailed layer of Top Coat;
{21} Let dry completely (wait at least 20 minutes);
{22} Apply cuticle oil to rehydrate.

*Please note that this is my personal system and steps {1} through {7} are not required or part of Revel's recommended steps. You can watch my own tutorial on Instastories under my "Nails" highlight.

Feel free to DM me on Insta or email me at Lauren@thesassysuburbs.com.

Lauren xo

Pictures from 2 Recent Manicures

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