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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Hello, friends! It's been a hot minute since I've shared a formal blog post... I hope you're all having a fabulous summer so far.

Today I'm chatting all about my experience with FabFitFun ("FFF"). I'm sure you've all seen and heard about this seasonal subscription box a try. I was just like you, scrolling through Instagram,  skeptical of it being a box a nicknacks, which I despise, and contemplating if it was really worth the money. I can wholeheartedly say that I am a true FFF convert! I have thrilled with every box I've received thus far, and can honestly say that I've used at least 80% of the products within them. The other, let's say 20%, go into my "gifting closet" for future use, whether for a holiday or birthday. If you don't have a "gifting closet" (more like the corner of my wardrobe closet), I highly recommend starting one. Any items I receive through FFF that I don't have a use for because it's a duplicate of something I already own, or just not something that fits my exact taste/style, I put away for gifting purposes. It's the ideal situation, since the items are perfectly packaged and need a new home!

I digress, so here's the scoop on FFF: (1) boxes ship 4 times per year; (2) contain a box of wonderful lifestyle products (primarily full-sized) valued at over $300; (3) several items are customizable, whereby they'll offer 2-3 options that you can select from; and (4) a brunch of add-on products at discounted prices! The best part? You're only paying about $50 for a ton of useful, name brand products! For years, I saw bloggers, youtubers, real housewives, celebrities and such, rave about these boxes. I always wrote it off as a gimmick, or concluded that these ladies must be getting paid "the big bucks" for sponsorship. It wasn't until I saw the summer 2018 box, which had a Foreo facial cleansing device and Yumi Kim cosmetic travel case, in addition to other great items, that I knew I had to give it a try. Both of those were essentials for my then-upcoming honeymoon, and the value far surpassed the price point. I was already in the market for similar products, so I really had nothing to lose and everything to gain. From there, I was hooked! I'll put it to you this way - I'm the budget babe in our house, and I've allocated funds so I can get the yearly subscription ($179.99/yr, so you save $20.00 versus the quarterly subscription).

If you're interested in trying the summer 2019 box, which I am obsessed with, click here to get $10 off your first order! I sincerely believe you will be as thrilled as I have been. Let me know if you have any questions via email or DM (@the.sassy.suburbs).

Lauren xo

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