Lipsticks That Will Last Through Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! May today be filled with lots of thanks, love and laughter! I am always so appreciative for your support of my little corner of the internet.

There's nothing I love more than the holiday season! I could not be more excited that it's finally in full swing. Although our kitchen reno is still not complete (you can check out my "Reno" Instastory for all the details...good and bad), I spent last weekend putting out our fall and Thanksgiving decor. I also started planning my looks for this week's festivities! When I think about what outfits would be most appropriate for Turkey Day itself (a.k.a any oversized sweater with the stretchiest pants I own), or the parties that will follow in the coming days, I, of course, have to consider what makeup I want to wear. Regardless of what I end up deciding day-of, I always reach for a comfortable, long-wear lipstick that will survive all that yummy food! Your girl loves to eat, so I've rounded up my top picks below!

{1} Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in "Caramello"

{2} Wet & Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipstick in "Rebel Rose"

{3} NYX Liquid Suede in "Soft Spoken" (matching lip liner is amazing - linked HERE)

Fall 2019 Giveback Giveaway!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy Monday! It's the start to another week, but today I'm here to share a different kind of post. I am beyond thrilled to say a big "thank you" to all of you with a giveaway! With fall officially upon us, I wanted to take a moment to give back to my followers, who I prefer to call friends, because to me, anyone taking the time out of their busy day to spend it in my little corner of the internet is a friend of mine! It means so much to me that you've all found various ways to show your support, whether it be a simple "like" on a photo or messages with feedback or questions, I love this community.

This will primarily be an Instagram giveaway, but anyone who is a current Intsa follower can gain a special entry by subscribing to new blog posts and my monthly newsletter (coming soon!). You can find all the entry-specifics below, so let's get to the best part - the goods! You'll be entering to win a gorgeous, fall-appropriate tote bag by Vince Camuto that is perfect for work, school or weekend as well as a seasonally-inspired eyeshadow palette from Bare Mineral's new "Bounce and Blur" line!

{1} All current Instagram followers are automatically entered.
{2} Any current follower who tags a friend (or two, as there are no limitations) in the comments, who in-turn follows, will receive an additional entry. That new follower will also automatically be entered.
{3} A new follower is then welcome to tag a friend and continue the cycle, increasing the opportunity to win!
{4} BONUS ENTRY: Subscribe to the blog by entering your information HERE.

...and that's its! The giveaway will run for one week, ending at 11:59pm on September 30th. A winner will be selected at random and announced October 1st.

Please note: Entries are limited to those located within the continental United States. The giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram, Vince Camuto or Bare Minerals. It is my way of saying thank you for your support of my rebrand over the last few months. By entering this giveaway, you acknowledge and agree to the foregoing and release Instagram, Vince Camuto and Bare Minerals of any and all liability associated with such entry. 

Lauren xo 

Top 10 Amazon Buys: Summer 2019

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I've been an avid Amazon Prime shopper for several years now, and I must say, they continue to improve their product selection daily. I've rounded up my top 10 buys from the last two years of orders These items are well-loved in our household, so I hope you enjoy them as well.

{1} Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner - This easy, small-scale cleansing machine keeps both real and costume jewelry sparkling, especially my beloved engagement ring and wedding band. I discovered this shortly before our wedding through Megan from Holy City Chic, and have been using it on a monthly basis (sometimes more frequently) ever since. I use it in conjunction with this liquid cleanser.

{2} Packing Cubes - I swore these things were a gimmick, but after packing with them for a two-week honeymoon in Hawaii, I can affirmatively share that they are not...they are a lifesaver! I've never been so organized while on vacation. All my clothing and accessories remained sorted and easy to identify for the entirety of the trip, which was a rare occurrence previously. I even use them for short, weekend getaways. Highly, highly recommend!

{3} Fabric Shaver - For years, I used this wacky thing called a "Gleaner" that was supposed to remove piling from clothing, but it never really did the trick. Then, this little miracle gadget came along! My clothes have never looked better, especially my sweaters. We invest so much in our wardrobe, and this shaver helps keep them looking new.

{4} Plate Storage Protectors - This product is for any newlywed or new homeowner. After my bridal shower, I had received more dishes than I could count. I love seasonal living, so most sets were holiday-related and needed to be stored away while not in use. Enter these amazing storage containers! I have all my dishes labeled and safely protected in our basement. It's made entertaining effortless because it's so organized.

{5} Countertop Vacuum - I don't know where this tiny miracle has been all my life, but once I found it, I never looked back. There's nothing more annoying then crumbs all over the counter. Sometimes, no matter how often you wipe the surface down, they just keep reppearing. This palm-size vacuum helps curb cleanup time, and keeps our space tidy without wasting cleaner or paper towels.

{6} Makeup Brush Cleaner - I've tried many, many makeup brush cleaners throughout the years, but NOTHING compares to this one. It's definitely on the pricy side, but it's the quickest and cleanest way to keep your brushes looking spotless. If you're someone like me who wears makeup every day, particularly foundation, this will be a lifesaver. Clean brushes make for a flawless finish and ensure sanitary application (i.e. bacteria won't be spread to your face)!

{7} Divided Lazy Susan - If you've followed me for some time, you know that I've been on an organization kick thanks to The Home Edit! This book, and the lifestyle it promotes, made me completely rethink the way I use lazy susans. I've found so many uses for this household staple, especially in the bathroom. All my hair products, for example, are accessible, organized and useable.  I also know exactly what I have, which prevents overbuying and duplicate purchasing.

{8} LV-Inspired Bag - How many of you covet the iconic "Neverfull" tote from Louis Vuitton? I know I sure did, and it took me years to save up enough to purchase my own. Thanks to Amazon, you can now get the designer look for less. As I recently shared on Instagram, this is not a counterfeit piece, but rather a true dupe. The colors are not exact, and there are no "LV" markings or other faux indicators. Further, the legal protections surrounding the well-known checkered pattern have been struck down in various court proceedings, so you can purchase without reservation. Plus, it comes in two additional color options and is made of vegan leather.

{9} Lululemon "Align"-Inspired Leggings - If you've been blessed to wear anything from Lululemon, you know the quality is unbeatable. Last year I purchased a pair of "Align" leggings for $98 (ahhh!)...Frankly, I do think they're worth every penny, and I do wear them weekly, but I would be hesitant to invest in another pair just because of the price. Again, here comes Amazon to the rescue. These leggings are pretty close to the "Align" for a quarter of the price. They are not exact dupes, and I do reach for the real deal more often than not, but this brand is a great alternative. They wash well and held up in the "squat test".

{10} Carpet Cleaner - This was recommended from one of my favorite OG bloggers, Katey, from Chronicles of Frivolity. I believe it was originally a recommendation from a mom of 3 boys...Need I say more? It's fully cleaned a variety of stains, without the harsh chemicals of traditional cleaners. We're really loving it!

Feel free to message me with any questions. Be sure to follow along with my weekly Instagram posts to stay connected!

Lauren xo

What I (Actually) Bought from the #NSale

Friday, July 12, 2019

With today's post, we're going off schedule, but it's for a great reason - the highly awaited Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! Cardholders gained access today...Of course, I had to place an order ASAP. Items sell out insanely quickly, which is why I generally recommend ordering several sizes, if you're on the fence about anything. Returns are easy (and free), so it's a win, win!

Here are a few other tips:
{1} Shop for staples/classics. More trendier pieces can be acquired at cheaper prices through other retailers, in my opinion. Since the those types of styles go in and out, it's not worth spending money on Nordstrom's quality for items with a shorter lifecycle.
{2} Review your closet before checking out. My eyes are generally bigger than my space (and my pocketbook), so I do my best to re-evaluate my cart before committing to my order.
{3} In light of my first two points, return whatever you're not entirely thrilled with. Nordstrom has great sales throughout the year, sometimes even better than the #NSale, so don't feel obligated to keep things just because of the perceived sale price. I shop with them year-round, and rarely pay full price.

Also, I'll be updating this post with any subsequent orders, so be sure to check back periodically throughout the sale!

Happy Shopping! Note: Public access starts July 18th - mark your calendars, if you're a not yet a cardholder.

Lauren xo

FabFitFun Review

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Hello, friends! It's been a hot minute since I've shared a formal blog post... I hope you're all having a fabulous summer so far.

Today I'm chatting all about my experience with FabFitFun ("FFF"). I'm sure you've all seen and heard about this seasonal subscription box a try. I was just like you, scrolling through Instagram,  skeptical of it being a box a nicknacks, which I despise, and contemplating if it was really worth the money. I can wholeheartedly say that I am a true FFF convert! I have thrilled with every box I've received thus far, and can honestly say that I've used at least 80% of the products within them. The other, let's say 20%, go into my "gifting closet" for future use, whether for a holiday or birthday. If you don't have a "gifting closet" (more like the corner of my wardrobe closet), I highly recommend starting one. Any items I receive through FFF that I don't have a use for because it's a duplicate of something I already own, or just not something that fits my exact taste/style, I put away for gifting purposes. It's the ideal situation, since the items are perfectly packaged and need a new home!

I digress, so here's the scoop on FFF: (1) boxes ship 4 times per year; (2) contain a box of wonderful lifestyle products (primarily full-sized) valued at over $300; (3) several items are customizable, whereby they'll offer 2-3 options that you can select from; and (4) a brunch of add-on products at discounted prices! The best part? You're only paying about $50 for a ton of useful, name brand products! For years, I saw bloggers, youtubers, real housewives, celebrities and such, rave about these boxes. I always wrote it off as a gimmick, or concluded that these ladies must be getting paid "the big bucks" for sponsorship. It wasn't until I saw the summer 2018 box, which had a Foreo facial cleansing device and Yumi Kim cosmetic travel case, in addition to other great items, that I knew I had to give it a try. Both of those were essentials for my then-upcoming honeymoon, and the value far surpassed the price point. I was already in the market for similar products, so I really had nothing to lose and everything to gain. From there, I was hooked! I'll put it to you this way - I'm the budget babe in our house, and I've allocated funds so I can get the yearly subscription ($179.99/yr, so you save $20.00 versus the quarterly subscription).

If you're interested in trying the summer 2019 box, which I am obsessed with, click here to get $10 off your first order! I sincerely believe you will be as thrilled as I have been. Let me know if you have any questions via email or DM (@the.sassy.suburbs).

Lauren xo

Sephora 2019 VIB Sale

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Spring sales are in full swing, and Sephora's coveted annual sale has commenced. If you're VIB Rouge, your 20% savings runs until today (May 1st). For those of us, including myself, who are VIB or Insider status, we can start clicking "add to cart" tomorrow (May 2nd). It's rare that Sephora gives its customers any type of discount, so I wanted to share my top 5 recommendations!

Bumble + Bumble "Sunday" Shampoo // As many of you know, apple cider vinegar ("ACV") washes and detox shampoos are all the rage. Apparently, Bumble + Bumble was way ahead of the trend and came out with "Sunday" shampoo several years ago. I initially heard about this product through a beauty podcast (it was either Full Coverage or Breaking Beauty - I can't remember, but both are fabulous, if you're looking for new pods to listen to). I've tried several other brands that made similar claims, including Aveda and R+Co. They did clean my hair but there was always residue left behind. The "Sunday" shampoo is a serious game changer...There is seriously not a single speck of dandruff or product buildup left behind. I've used it both a single wash and co-wash (meaning I used it first, then wash again with my usual shampoo), and have had incredible results in both scenarios. It's very important to deep condition afterward, however, because of how clarifying it is. To give you a point of reference, even my husband noticed and commented on how shiny and clean my hair looked after using this. If you buy one thing from the sale, this should be it!  

Kevyn Aucoin Etherialist Foundation // The woman who did my makeup for our wedding is an artist with Kevyn Aucoin, so I've been experimenting with this brand for well over a year now. There's a lot of items that I enjoy, but this particular foundation is my favorite because it leaves my skin looking flawless. I have dry skin generally, and this does not settle into fine lines or clinge to dry patches. What I enjoy even more is the packaging - it's a plastic bottle, which is great for travel, with a pump! One and half pumps is enough to cover my entire face and leave me looking fresh, glowy and airbrushed all day long. If you're in need of a great foundation brush to apply it, I'd suggest this one.

It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara // This mascara is unreal - if you like a fluffy, full, glamour lash, you've found your holy grail! Some people feel that this formula clumps too much, but I haven't had that experience. For health and hygiene reasons, you should be swapping your mascara out every 3 months. It'd say that's about the same time this product with start to dry out/clump. To me, it's not a big deal because I do my best to stay on top of that, since I'm a contact wearer. I've tried to use up other mascaras in my collection, but nothing compares to this. I honestly wear it every day, and on special occasions, it layers beautifully over a primer for an even bolder look. This is not for the faint of heart or those who prefer a "natural" look. You've been warned... :)  

Ole Henrikson ALT Retinol Set // I received a sample of both the day and night cream the last time I was making a purchase in the King of Prussia Sephora. The staff at that particular location are wonderful, and are always very generous with their samples. I am so happy the girl suggested that I try this dynamic duo! It's so rare that I actually buy a full-rise of a sample I receive, so the fact that I did, says a lot. Now that I've reach the age of being closer to 30 than 20, I've taken a measured effort to include anti-aging products into my routine. I had been really interested in trying retinol because of the amazing benefits, but read horror stories about those with sensitive skin having serious side effects. Rentin-ALT is completely plant-based, so those concerns are no longer an issue, and my skin has never looked better. Plus, both products naturally smell amazing! 

Laneige Lip Sleep Mask // Even if you don't suffer from dry lips, this sleep mask will transform the health of your lips. I put this on every night and wake up with a smooth, hydrated pout. It was particularly amazing during the winter, but now with the warmer weather, I'm still loving the results. So many mornings I'm rushing trying to get out the door to work, and I still have this on from the night before. It leaves my lips looking pretty and polished, and serves as a great base for a lipstick (liquid or regular) whenever I get an opportunity to apply. Also, the pot of product is rather large for the amount you actually need, so it will last you a while. Definitely worth the investment. 

Rouge Members use HEYROUGE (now until May 1) for 20% off
VIB Members use HEYVIB (May 2 through May 6) for 15% off
Insiders used HEYINSIDER (May 2 through May 6) for 10% off

Email me or sent me a message of Insta (@the.sassy.suburbs) with any questions!

Lauren xo

Easter Outfit Inspiration: Dressy & Casual

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spring has (almost) sprung here in Eastern PA, and the warmer temps have been glorious. Easter weekend is fast approach for those of us celebrating this special day, so with lots of new staples in my closet, I wanted to share two looks anyone can recreate. Either would be perfect for a fancy brunch or casual family gathering. Be sure to tag me on social if you used today's post as inspiration! 

Aqua Cami // White Jeans // Tassel Cardigan // Floral Pumps {similar here, here & here}

Ivory Cami // Jeans // Necklace via spring Fab Fit Fun Box {Get $10 off your first box here!} // Block Heels {SUPER COMFY & AFFORDABLE!!}

Lauren xo

6 Months of Homeownership: Decor, Paint, Furniture + More

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

In my last blog post I shared all about our wedding day, but 2018 wasn't done with us yet...We closed on our first home in October, and it's been a wonderful whirlwind ever since. You can read all about our powder room remodel here, but today I wanted to give you some insight into the details we've worked on thus far, including some great decor items and what colors we used in each room.

decor + furniture

I got a ton from Kirkland also, but couldn't link it in the widget: Artwork in Family Room; Mirror in Formal Living Room; Runner in Foyer; Lamps (sold as 2pk) in Master Bedroom and Family Room. 

Main Floor/Foyer = "Pale Oak" by Benjamin Moore
Powder Room = "Modern Gray" by Sherwin Williams
Laundry Room = "Emmie's Room" by Magnolia Home (Kilz Brand, Only Available at Ace Hardware Stores // This paint is phenomenal. Blows BM and SW out of the water. We just couldn't find a whole-house color we were happy with. Literally every other room in our house is by Magnolia.) 
Master Bedroom = "Yarn" by Magnolia Home 
Master Bath = "Homebody" by Magnolia Home
Master Closet = "Anatolian" by Magnolia Home
Man Cave = "Loft" by Magnolia Home
Office = "Antique Rose" by Magnolia Home 
Main Bath = "Cinnamon Sugar" by Magnolia Home
Guest Bedroom = "Wedding Band" by Magnolia Home
Trim = White Trim + Cabinet by Magnolia Home

Email me or connect with me on Instagram, if you have any questions. 

Lauren xo

#ReadyToBeRivera: Our Wedding Day

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

I hope you've been enjoying the new blog, friends! Today I'm recapping the absolute best day of my life - our wedding day. Since there are so many details to a wedding, you'll find general summaries and links to our vendors below. If you have any specific questions, email me at or DM via instagram @The.Sassy.Suburbs. I mean this with the utmost sincerity, we loved every vendor we worked with!

The Philadelphia Country Club, Gladwyne, PA

Photography and Videography
Sarah DiCicco and CinemaCake, a/k/a THE DREAM TEAM...If you book any vendors, this the the pair! Best in the business doesn't do enough to describe them. All images featured were captured by the lovely, Sarah DiCicco! You can watch our full-length video here and see all our photos here with password "Will". 

Anna Soiree, Oakhurst, NJ

Sydney Rosen, Philadelphia, PA 

Wedding Dress and Bridal Salon
Eve of Milady; Purchased at Bridal Reflections, New York, NY. I visited a lot of bridal salons no seriously, like 8), and Bridal Reflections stood out for so many reasons. They are phenomenal to work with, from start to finish. I love everything about them. 

Bridesmaid Dresses
Adrianna Papel via BHLDN

Mother of the Bride and Groom Gowns
Castle Couture, Freehold, NJ

Bridal Hair and Makeup
The Senada K (@senadakxo) and Drita Pali (@glamourbydrita). Sisters and bridal beauty mavens! Had to bring NY to the PA 'burbs for this incredible look. Headpiece by Bridal Styles Boutique in Brooklyn. 

Florals and Decor
Vito Russo at Carl Alan Designs, Philadelphia, PA

Pretty Tasty Cupcake, Conshohocken, PA 

Lauren xo 
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